What do wills cost?

From the desk of Tim O’Hara:

We would be pleased to prepare a will for you.

Some of the other lawyers also prepare Wills but the following is the procedure followed by Mr.
O’Hara. Tim has been preparing Wills for over 30 years.

The procedure is for you to attend our offices for a meeting which lasts about one hour. At the
meeting, you advise Mr. O’Hara of your circumstances and your wishes and with information and
choices. You will have a thorough discussion at that time, you then can give instructions for the
preparation of your will. We find that the less preconceptions you come with, the easier it is.

Then our offices spend a week or two preparing the Will. Tanya will call when the Will is ready
and you attend at our office to sign the Will. This takes about 30 minutes because we go through
the Will to make sure you understand it and that it is what you want.

The costs start at $395.00 for one will and range upward from there depending on how
complicated it is. If you have a partner and we are preparing similar wills for each of you, the cost
is only $150.00 to prepare the second will since there is substantially less work to prepare a
similar will. An actual firm cost will be provided to you at the time once Tim has the information.

Should you require a complicated distribution or research to determine the best distribution, you
will be charged on an hourly basis but this is very unusual and we will discuss that with you

If this meets with your expectation, please phone Tanya at 403 229-2938 to set up the initial

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