IMG_00000331In order to do a rating on a website you are required to give your personal information and email address. In this day and age of privacy, intrusion and incessant advertising requests, we do not believe you should have to give up your personal information.

Please leave your ratings of Campbell O’Hara on the legal question page and if fair we will have our technician insert it on a ratings page without disclosing your email address or personal information.

There are disturbing entries about lawyers on ratings websites.  Often if you analyse the complaint it really is that the lawyer refused to take the case. For Louise, that is a legitimate complaint. For Louise is one of those spectacular lawyers you want to take your case. Louise is one of those lawyers that years later previous client still give her Christmas presents to show their appreciation for what she did when no one else would help.  She gets invited to their remarriage! Louise has and will settle your matter if that is what you can and should do but she will fight it to the Supreme Court of Canada if you are being treated unfairly. She will give compassionate high quality work to those in need of help. She cannot and will not represent everyone or anyone but those she serves are safe and protected.

Louise is a lawyer’s lawyer.

Other lawyer’s with problems, complaints, difficult matters, come to Louise for advice and understanding.

Large firms do not have matrimonial departments because a significant number of clients in their stages of grief at some point blame the lawyer for their predicament.  Large firms do not want to risk client loyalty so they refer people out.   The comments you see on ratings websites are the reflection of the blame the lawyer stage of grief.  We have gone through the comments on the rating websites and most of the excellent lawyer we know have vicious comments about them.  This may relate to high expectations but remember this is a volatile, intensive and emotional area of the practice of law.

Please use ratings sites with caution and diligence.  Everyone hates the lawyer on the other side.  That might make them a good lawyer.