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IMG_20171128_110048Please be advised: You can only ask about your own circumstances, we cannot respond to questions about other people on their behalf.  We are responsible for the advice and are required to ensure that it goes directly to the source. We can only answer questions if we are not in conflict so we have to check first whether any of the lawyers here have ever represented the opposing parties. Please ask your question and give us your full legal name and the name of the opposing party or parties. Include anyone you would perceive to be in a conflicting position to you. We could be in conflict if any of our lawyers have represented or know an opposing party some time in the distant past. Once we have determined that we are not in a conflict, a lawyer will respond to your question. If we are in a conflict, your question will be deleted and never reviewed by a lawyer, in those circumstances we will advise you if we can without breaching any confidences but it also may be that we cannot respond. If you do not give the names of the opposing parties, we cannot consider your question and it will not be responded to by a lawyer.

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