Can we just hire one lawyer to do our divorce?

From the desk of Louise P. Campbell Q.C.:

Yes. The 2 parties can hire one lawyer to act as mediator to hammer out the terms of the divorce
including Support, Parenting Rights and Property Division. When that is done, you will each be
sent to independent counsel to enter into the formal agreement so that each of you has the
protection of an independent lawyer to review the agreement of your behalf.

Those lawyers will also prepare the court documents and submit them to court to finalize the

This is a very civilized way to handle your divorce and is appropriate where the parties are

Louise P. Campbell Q.C. has extensive experience and reputation for mediation but numerous of
the lawyers at Campbell O’Hara are experienced mediators and all of them can mediate the terms
of your divorce and matrimonial property. We would recommend that the amount of property
should be in proportion with the experience of the mediator.

You can also hire one of the lawyers at Campbell O’Hara and instruct him or her to assist you in
mediating the settlement with the other party. This gives you the advantage of ongoing support
and advice in a more comfortable process.

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