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Canadian Bar Association

Law Society of Alberta

Maintenance Enforcement Program

Family Law Centre

Family Law Info Centre

Statutes and Regulations

CanLII – Canadian Legal Info Institute

Service Alberta

Alberta Queen’s Printer

Office of the Public Guardian – Alberta Seniors & Community Supports

Service Alberta Interest Rates on Security Deposits


Supreme Court of Canada

Alberta Courts

Information for Parents

Alberta Children’s Services (Parenting After Separation)

Child Support Guidelines

Child Tax Benefit

Children’s Legal and Education Resource Centre

Interview with Judge Brownstone

Our Family Wizard

Passport Canada (Information about traveling abroad)

Up To Parents

Collaborative Law

Association of Collaborative Family Lawyers

International Association of Collaborative Professionals

The Collaborative Family Law Association (Ontario)

Division of Pension Plans on Marriage Breakdown

Alberta Pensions Administration

Canada Pension Plan

Universities Academic Pension Plan

Teachers’ Retirement Fund

Canadian Public Sector Plans