Jocelyn L. Hill

Born within the sound of the Bow Bells and by that definition a Cockney, Jocelyn came to Calgary when she was 9 years old. She attended the University of Calgary, Queen’s University and the University of Alberta where she graduated Law in 1982.  She articled to Neil V. German Q.C. where Timothy J. O’Hara was the junior associate. Jocelyn’s practice of law focused on litigation, both civil and family until she left private practice to join Calgary Legal Guidance and later the then new Alberta Justice Family Law.  Jocelyn became an authority in many aspects of family law in Alberta and was assigned Appeals where she appeared before the Alberta Court of Appeal numerous times.  Jocelyn is retired in Calgary and can use Campbell O’Hara as a base for any volunteer or personal work she may undertake.  She is available for her expertise to the lawyers at Campbell O’Hara with whom she associates on a personal and business basis.